Do you really know what your customers are saying about your business?  What sort of first impression your people are creating?  And how the systems and processes in your business underpin your service strategy?
Michelle Pascoe is a specialist in every aspect of service operations and processes, and their impact on your customer experience.  Bringing expertise built over 18 years in mystery shopping, service benchmarking, surveys and focus groups, and staff training and development, partnering with Allied Risk Solutions, Michelle has the skills and experience to really shift the performance of your business.

Our workshops cover all the practicalities and operational aspects of giving excellent customer service – from welcoming and dealing with enquiries, to effective telecommunications, to onsite service.

Customised training solutions is what Michelle offers and seeing the results from her clients from a broad range of industries over the past 18 years testifies to her ability to tap into your industry and your individual business.

Every customer has a product expectation – but their expectations extend beyond the product; rather it is how the product is delivered or packaged.  In this case the service is the packaging.  The service they receive as a customer potentially creates the memorable experience.  Service is more than just a “smile, please and a thank you”, mind you even these basics get over looked especially when we’re busy.  Here are six savy service tips to help you and your staff get through this hectic period of Spring and Summer.

Friendliness – Attitude

You may have the best “coffee, food, beer or beds” in town but if the service that goes with the product is indifferent, uncaring or downright rude nobody will remember the product only the feeling that lingers with them.

Positive attitude starts with a smile that shows on your face that seeps through you to tingle your toes.


If you are operating a Café/Restaurant look at your well planned laid out arrangement of tables and wonder to yourself how could everything become so disorganised by just one customer, when they start moving furniture around.  Plan ahead.   Look at the layout of your tables.  Is there a way that a path can be cleared or an area to one side that will not disrupt every other customer, so that prams and walkers can gain easy access to your business.

Personal Image

Over winter we have the tendency to cover up with layers of clothing and enjoy lovely hot foods to keep us warm.  When it comes to summer the clothing comes off but there maybe a few additional bumps that weren’t there last summer so the uniform is a little uncomfortable.  What fitted you last year now rides up your side, maybe it’s time for a size check, perhaps even a new colour or style uniform to freshen up for summer.

Be Prepared

As every good Girl Guide and Scout knows being prepared is what it’s all about.


Spring Clean.  If you haven’t done it yet get cracking now.  Have a good look around and undertake any minor repairs, the rocky tables leveled by a folded napkin or coaster, splintered wooden chairs, chipped crockery. – Remove and Replace.  Look at the window ledges and then walk or sit where your customers do and look at your business from their eyes.


Past workshop participants – from across the registered clubs, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, real estate, automotive and professional service sectors – walk away from her presentations feeling inspired, educated and equipped to deliver outstanding service experiences.

Michelle’s current workshops include:

  • First Impressions – Frontline Staff
  • Effective Telephone Communication
  • Coffee Shop, Bistro and Restaurant staff
  • Microphone and Presentation Skills

Contact Michelle on to discuss how she and Allied Risk Solutions can assist you in improving your bottom line.

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