Recently the 2012 inaugural OOPS Superior Service Awards were announced, recognising the venue and also the individual team member who consistently provided patrons outstanding superior customer service.

On reading the patron comments there is no doubt that ‘SERVICE and ENGAGEMENT” is the differentiation point between a business that is doing well and another that exceeds it’s bottom line continually by offering the customer an “EXPERIENCE”.   Connecting with emotional intelligence.

The winners were:

OOPS Large/Medium Club – “Superior Service Club Award” in 2012 –  MINGARA

“Possibly the best experience that I have had at a club so far – service and staff could not be faulted.”

“A bustling, vibrant atmosphere with friendly, happy and approachable staff. Extremely helpful and exceptional customer service skills”.

“A Club that always has something going on. It’s good to see such a large establishment supporting worthy charities, such as Breast Cancer Awareness, and getting behind them in a big way. It shows that they give back to the community and are proud to do so.”

“Whether in chaos or calm, the staff members take it all in their stride and handle every situation with absolute professionalism and competence.”

“The staff members were friendly and welcoming, and obviously proud of the Club they work for – they spoke very positively and enthusiastically about the services and facilities on offer.”

OOPS Small Club – “Superior Service Award” in 2012 – BERKELEY SPORTS CLUB

“A really friendly, welcoming little Club. We felt a bit awkward at first, as it seemed that everyone knew each other, staff and patrons alike, and we felt that we “stood out”. However, we were made to feel so welcome by the staff that this quickly disappeared and we soon felt like regulars”.

“The staff members really make this Club. They are friendly and approachable making us feel like part of the community, showing good rapport with regulars and offering pleasant conversation with all they encounter.”

“A modern and inviting dining area offering good food at reasonable prices.”

“Staff members were friendly, professional and very conscientious in their duties, pitching in wherever help was needed and never stopping a moment to sit idly by.”

“Although the Club is not large, it is set out very well and offers everything you could need in its facilities. It has a relaxed and casual “vibe” and a great feeling of camaraderie.”


As you know our “Mystery Snoops” each month highlight the service of specific employees who have provided Superior Service either to them directly or to another patron. These employees are awarded a printed certificate.

This gesture of recognition is reinforced in many clubs by formal acknowledgement by Management and the awarding of a gift.  Accordingly, we decided that since we were acknowledging the Superior Service of the Clubs as a whole we should also award a “Superior Service – Staff” award to a staff member who has consistently been acknowledged by our snoops over the past year.

This person has been described as;

“A great ambassador for the club and an all-round lovely gentleman.”

“Soooo pleasant, amiable and diligent, and exuded great PR for the club.”

“His enthusiasm was contagious. He could not have been more welcoming. He was kind of over the top, but in the nicest possible way. I doubt I’ve encountered anybody quite like him in my wide travels.”

“He was the perfect person to have in this position. He was enthusiastic, warm and welcoming and had a cheerful and approachable demeanour. He just glowed with friendliness and when I enquired about membership was so informative and positive that he just caught me up in the whole procedure. He has such pride in “his” Club and gave such an enthusiastic welcome that it just made me WANT to be a member.”

In 2012 the worthy recipient is  David Pearce a member of the Foyer and Membership team at Guildford Leagues Club.

David is a very deserving winner of this award, showing exemplary customer service skills on a consistent basis.

Customers don’t just want a product or service they expect to feel emotion.  As humans we are driven by emotions not by rational thinking.  In our brain we have 1 centre for rational thinking and 5 emotion centres, it only takes 1/12th of a millisecond for our emotion centres in our brain to react.

As providers of service you need to connect the Head and Heart, have your customers experience the emotion, not just exposed to it.

Each of these venues and the individuals who work within displayed on a continual basis this connection.

We read and hear each day that it is the “service” that is experienced that is the differentiation point in any business.  Loyal customers are created through superior customer service.

A 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits by 25 – 95%. Source: Bain & Co

What is your differentiation from your competitors?  Don’t dare answer “Good Service” and if you do say that then expand on those two words, describe what “Good Service” looks/FEELS like.

OOPS differentiation is that we constantly evolve our services to create loyalty through memories with our clients as their businesses grow profitably.

Since the announcements have been made we have been approached by a number of industries asking OOPS to run the awards for them, which is exciting, but in addition to our existing award we now have an “Open” category for all Clubs, Hotels and Pubs, whereby the venue can nominate themselves.  Go onto our website to enter your venue today to be a participant in the 2013 OOPS Superior Service Awards.

At OOPS we have been building our business since 1994 around our clients needs, can we help you?

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