By Ron Browne

“Seeing the personal growth in our people with respect to their belief in themselves, really increased their ability to manage the business and the people.
They learned how powerfully they could bring the gift of themselves.”

Amanda Reynolds-Smith, Head of People & Culture

Taking your team from good to great requires a leadership development program focused on individual growth and measurable outcomes.
Tradies Gymea embarked on a tailored program with Sam Ekinci, Allied Risk Solutions lead trainer, delivered over 12 months, including COVID based interruptions.

Allied’s approach focuses on Education, Engagement and Outcomes.

Education – the team are introduced to the following principles:

  • Compliance – Greater understanding of legal compliance through sound policies and procedures really improved their connection to the duty manager role
  • Risk Mitigation – greater compliance, through implementing the agreed policies and procedures diminishes the legal, physical and reputational risks for the club
  • Leadership – developing the leadership skills through both coaching and mentoring raises the standards and encourages more staff to step up their engagement and responsibility for supporting their team
  • Communication – by refining reporting, including upgrading the shift reporting process, dramatically improves information flow and consistency
  • Confrontation management – learning how to better understand people and personalities, enhancing skills like listening, calming and defusing stressful situations

“I was very task focused before the program, and by applying what I learned in leadership, communications, self-development, compliance and legislation, and time management,
I was able to help a supervisor progress to a DM within the 12 months”

Aroha Woodley, Duty Manager

Engagement – learning and commitment comes through being engaged in the process where true industry knowledge knowledge and experience is delivered in a safe,
supportive and fun way, with the ability to tailor the outcome for each individual and each organisation

  • Allied’s program engages the trainees inPortfolio Projects,where small teams are tasked with addressing areas of friction in the business, to work together on researching and refining a solution
  • The training gives the team the confidence to step out of their main role as a Duty Manager (DM) and work more closely with department managers and senior executives.
  • Given a safe environment to learn, the team are given ‘permission to fail’ empowering them to try new approaches for different results
  • Three key mantras that were clearly embedded into the team, cements their commitment to developing personally to benefit the organisation
    What starts with you, ends with you
    Where focus goes, energy flows
    Report solutions, not problems

“This training has given me complete confidence in the team – especially with compliance and operationally – to do things right when I am not there.”

Mitchell Roach, Venue Manager, Tradies Helensburgh


  • Achievement of mutually agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) enhanced by a shared commitment to improvement, is one of the outcomes measured
  • Improved standards driven across the front-line team who really look after each other
  • DMs really embracing their training and ramping up their mentoring role, which in turn inspires the frontline staff to aspire to higher performance levels
  • True growth and development of the relationship between DMs and the Executive team as a result of the better compliance, communication and risk management
  • Success was also measured in greater staff retention, significantly improved performance andgreater engagement within the team
  • Establishing greater clarity of purpose, ensures higher levels of commitment from all the team

“Working with the diversity of the team learning how to know and recognise the differences between people, can build a really strong team. The training has something in there for everyone.
My favourite mantra of Sam’s is “What starts with you, ends with you.””

Ashleigh Pope, Duty Manager

Tradies has enjoyed a dramatic improvement in team performance and corporate results, through working with Sam and Allied Risk Solutions.

If you would like to create the same transformation in your organisation, your next step is to arrange an obligation free discussion with Allied Risk Solutions (02) 9635 0477 or email: