Confrontation Management Training

This training program designed to provide staff and management with the knowledge and expertise to Manage Confrontations effectively. The training is structured for staff gains and development in the administrative, operational and legal precepts of Incident and Confrontation Management. This course has been designed specifically to afford participants the opportunity to enhance and build upon…

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Anti Money Laundering

This unit describes the skills and knowledge necessary for club employees to manage the risk of money laundering and terrorism financing. It applies to individuals who work for a club and are required to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006. This unit will outline staff roles and responsibilities in relation to…

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One-on-one Coaching

Speak with confidence, impact and persuasion Confidential private and customised coaching sessions Deliver memorable presentations Executive Presentation Coaching &…
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Workplace Bullying & Harassment Program

Ensure your organisation has an implemented system that works Safeguard your organisation in respect of the costs associated with bullying, discrimination and harassment More reasons why Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination are not good business This year there are two additional reasons why your business should ensure that steps have been taken to prevent harassment, bullying…

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Security Awareness Programs

Security staff, at all levels of experience, the need to re-visit the basics of their craft is every five years. This is due to changes in legislation, industry trends and new methodologies applicable to this industry. In order to enhance their skills and broaden their knowledge base, training of security staff focuses on all matters…

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Risk and Compliance Management Training

Risk and Compliance now has a clear focus with considerable consequences for the licensees. A clear business strategy and an implementation plan is required to manage your Risk and Compliance obligations consistent with best practice principles and for operational and administrative accountability. As the licensee is now liable for the acts of employees, your front-line…

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Staff Induction Training

Easily managed through our online program Customisable with your organisations important forms and example videos Accessible anywhere, any time! Many businesses rely on paper copies of the staff handbook to inform their people about their standard operating procedures. This can now be put online, accessible from any location, updated immediately, including video and audio. Online…

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Leadership Development Training Course

Improve your manager’s leadership skills Save time and minimise operational costs Achieve more and grow your business with effective leadership and management The four pillars of an organisation are Leadership, Management, Command, and Control. They are important for every leader and manager to understand because they directly drive the organisation. When used properly – the…

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Leadership Excellence

This is a Leadership Training Course – developing leaders in a hospitality-based venue. Leaders do not hide behind formal authority, run by rules to keep you focused on efficiency and control. When people work with leaders they admire and respect, they feel better about themselves and readily commit to the vision, values and goals of…

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Armed Robbery Safety Training (online)

Armed Robbery safety training for your venue Online Robbery safety training to meet compliance requirements Armed robbery safety training for all your staff Allied Risk has developed an online Armed Robbery Safety Training course. It is a short course taking around 30 minutes, covering pre / during and post robbery events. The program is designed…

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Armed Robbery Safety Training (face to face)

Localised and Integrated Armed Robbery safety training for your venue Face to face or online Robbery safety training to meet rostering & compliance requirements Competency based Armed robbery safety training for all your staff Armed robbery has a considerable impact on your business, and the health, safety and welfare of those involved in the Robbery….

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Customer Service and Compliance Training

“Customer Service” There is no business without Customer Service – it is a core element of any organisation’s function and focus. Our staff and personnel are trained and committed to presenting our clients with the best in customer service strengths within the industry. Your customers buy an experience every time they frequent your venue. Customer…

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Group Business Training

Speak with confidence, impact and persuasion Confidential private and customised coaching sessions Deliver memorable presentations Public Speaking & Presentation…
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Public Speaking Course

Speak with confidence, clarity and conviction Settle your nerves How to give impromptu speeches without preparation Public Speaking Course Why are some people who speak with confidence and authority are rewarded and gain the best opportunities in life? This life changing course teaches you how to overcome nerves and express yourself confidently when communicating one-on-one…

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Customer Testimonials

Having the pleasure to be a client for the past 15 years I can fully support that the systems and crowd management policies in place for Hoyts especially from Movie Premieres to VIP / Personal protection was developed and implemented by Sam Ekinci of Allied. Sam’s industry knowledge, professionalism and expertise combined with the training…


Frank Periklous

Director Of Programming and Operations Australia and New Zealand

As the Club of the year 2010 – Ongoing development of our management and staffing resources have been the key consideration towards our future development. Sam Ekinci and Allied Risk Solutions have created an impact through the training and workshops of our managers and supervisors, to consolidate the various departments towards our culture to promote…

Dee Why RSL Club

Durban Arnold

Executive Operations & Gaming Manager

This is just a note to thank you personally and Allied Risk Solutions for assisting my business in our strategic planning initiatives. I’m impressed in how efficient the service is and how much we’ve benefited in our critical analysis sessions with you. Your personal business insight is refreshing, extremely candid and inspiring. I appreciate it…


Pierre de Villecourt

Chief Information Officer