Why Assess and Manage Your Business’ Risk?

You must know where you are, before you set sail to where you want to be.

The greatest risk to any organisation is not the one taken. Most organisations appear to be driven by need or “pain”. We are constantly making changes in the workplace for our employees and expecting them to conform and work to higher standards. As an organisation there are dangers in making decisions for change and appointing business partners based on relationships rather than ability or performance.

If you want to make a change then firstly change the people around you to get a different perspective. After all doing the same thing with the same people over and over, expecting a different outcome can be very unproductive.

Risk Assessments, Risk Reviews and Needs Analysis is part of the Duty Manager Training and Coaching program. It can provide you with a clear plan to more forward strategically and operationally ensuring the licensee and your venue are well placed in the event of breaches or prosecutions by the regulators.

The following articles provide guidelines for the reader on Risk Assessments and Management Strategies.

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Risk Assessment & Management Resources

4 Step Strategy in Risk & Compliance

3 Strikes Disciplinary Scheme and Violent Venues There is a perception with some licensees that the 3 Strikes Disciplinary Scheme is only about reducing alcohol related incidents in licensed premises. The approach by the NSW Government is about getting venues to improve their business practises in relation to Incident Management.…

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Risk & Compliance Management Program

The Allied Risk Management Program Risk and Compliance now has a clear focus with considerable consequences for the licensees. A clear business strategy and an implementation plan is required to manage your Risk and Compliance obligations consistent with best practice principles and for operational and administrative accountability. As the licensee…

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