Training Program for Incident and Confrontation Management

This training program designed to provide staff and management with the knowledge and expertise to Manage Confrontations effectively. The training is structured for staff gains and development in the administrative, operational and legal precepts of Incident and Confrontation Management.

This course has been designed specifically to afford participants the opportunity to enhance and build upon individual knowledge and develop practical skills involved in the application of Incident and Confrontation Management.

Various objectives are set and must be attained throughout the course ensuring participants have develop the skills, attitudes and teamwork to allow them to efficiently and effectively carry out their operational tasking.

This training is conducted for various industries including, Clubs NSW, financial, retail sectors and municipalities around Australia, allowing frontline staff and management to acquire the skills to defuse incidents, minimize risk and extract the required information for reporting.

Course outcomes include:

  1. To present principles, techniques and skills of recognising, managing, reducing and controlling aggressive and violent behaviour.
  2. To reduce personal injury to staff and the aggressor.
  3. To increase confidence in physically threatening situations.
  4. To improve the communications skills of staff and to allow them to deescalate threatening situations.

Course Topics:

  • The nature of anger
  • The communication process
  • Dealing with difficult customers
  • Body language and personal space (Kinesics and proxemics)
  • Types of aggression
  • Warning signs
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Controlling the anxious/angry customer
  • Controlling the verbally abusive patron
  • Controlling the physically confrontational patron
  • The use of empathy, paraphrasing and using tools that stem the flow of anger
  • Active listening
  • Information extraction
  • Relevancy of information
  • Question techniques
  • Incident Management Reporting
  • Complaints Management Reports

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