• Easily managed through our online program
  • Customisable with your organisations important forms and example videos
  • Accessible anywhere, any time!

Many businesses rely on paper copies of the staff handbook to inform their people about their standard operating procedures.

This can now be put online, accessible from any location, updated immediately, including video and audio.

Online training allows staff to be updated with changes implemented in a business, being a central source for documents, information, and communication.

It can also be a useful tool used in conjunction with onboarding to engage new employees into an organisation’s culture and processes.

Allied Risk has built a number of Staff Induction training systems for businesses, converting their paper-based documents into a dynamic reporting system.

No more costly and unread manuals to be printed as they can all be placed, maintained and accessed over the internet.

The image below shows a selection of the sections covered in a staff induction course:

Induction training menu

Downloading important forms can be accommodated into the training as shown below:

Videos can be placed directly into the training to provide greater details and examples of safe practices:

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