• Lower your club’s exposure to violent venue risk by ensuring compliance
  • Save time and minimise operational costs with state of the art online reporting tools
  • Reduce alcohol related incidents through a proven system of incident management

The following articles provide some guidelines for the reader on the Violent Venues scheme, Its impacts and consequences…

The Violent Venues Scheme was introduced in 2008 by the NSW Government aimed to regulate licensed premises with high levels of assault and other violent incidents. Licensed premises were categorised as Level 1, 2 or 3 venues, depending on the number of incidents recorded over a specified period of time. Categorisation of a venue depends primarily on violent incident data compiled by BOCSAR and provided to NSW Department of Trade & Investment for the period of review. This data is based on incidents recorded by the NSW Police Force as having occurred on or immediate vicinity of the premises.

Your venues Systems Management Plan becomes the key driver for coordinating the various strategic and operating frameworks, processes, training to better manage, report and account for the decisions made operationally.

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Violent Venues & ”Three Strikes” Disciplinary Scheme

Violent Venues Scheme On the 31st May 2012, Hon. George Souris M.P. Minister for Tourism, Major Events, Hospitality and Racing, Minister for the Arts released the revised list of violent venues in NSW subject to special conditions on the latest alcohol violence statistics. The violent venues scheme commenced in 2008 to regulate…

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