Duty Manager Training

Fraternity Club

The Fraternity Club (“The Frat” as it is known) at Fairy Meadow NSW has been trading as a community club since 1953 and for the past year has sought to move from a good club to an outstanding club.

Over a 9 month period, Sam Ekinci, Allied Risk Solutions has delivered the Allied Duty Manager Training Program to the leadership team at The Frat, focusing on enhancing organizational and management performance and benchmarking excellence in operations, communications and compliance.

The program delivers on three ‘C’s – Content, Context and Competence.


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Duty Manager Training

St. George Leagues Club

For more than 70 years, Sydney’s St. George Leagues Club has been servicing members and visitors at their Kogarah-based venue via a variety of hospitality services including catering outlets, lounge spaces and more.

Opening in 1952, the original club, initially a basic meeting place, became the second licensed club in NSW making £3000 in its first six months. After moving down the road, extensive refurbishing and redesigning significantly transformed the original design. With hospitality venues and lounge spaces, it now also houses an impressive collection of football memorabilia commemorating St. George’s achievements in Rugby League.

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Leadership Development Program

Cabra Bowls

Cabramatta Bowling Club

A shortage in the Customer Service Manager team triggered Cabra Bowls Group to call Sam Ekinci, Allied Risk Solutions lead trainer. Leadership Development, a two year program was developed, that focused on the key areas of compliance, reporting, staff engagement, performance and security in order to address the key risk areas for the club.

Allied’s approach provided Inclusion, Information and Independence.

Cabra Bowls Group enjoyed significant improvement in team performance and corporate results, through Sam’s commitment to raising the standards, in a manner tailored to their venues and staff.

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Shellharbour Workers Club

Consolidation for Growth

Shellharbour Workers Club

Shellharbour Workers Club

Providing a supportive learning and development environment for our managers …. we’ve have seen a significant change in the standard of reporting, consistency, performance and confidence shown by our operations team.

Nestled on the South Coast of New South Wales in a quiet getaway location where you can relax and enjoy the sand, surf, and sunshine is The Shellharbour Club.

But times are changing at The Shellharbour Club. In fact, the club’s focus for the future now includes a variety of significant developments including an extensive refurbishment program as well as the diversification and realignment of the organisational structure in line with the club’s growth. Also on the agenda is a focus on their corporate governance working towards ClubsNSW best practice.

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Tradies Management Training & Coaching Program

Tradies Entrance

“Seeing the personal growth in our people with respect to their belief in themselves, really increased their ability to manage the business and the people.
They learned how powerfully they could bring the gift of themselves.”

Amanda Reynolds-Smith, Head of People & Culture

Taking your team from good to great requires a leadership development program focused on individual growth and measurable outcomes.
Tradies Gymea embarked on a tailored program with Sam Ekinci, Allied Risk Solutions lead trainer, delivered over 12 months, including COVID based interruptions.

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Duty Manager Training

Wenty Leagues

Wenty Leagues Club

Aligning strategy and operational efficiency will maximise the performance of your Duty Managers.

Every training program must have clear measurable outcomes for the individual and for the organisation.

The tangible benefits must be evident so you can measure the return on your investment and mitigate business risks, especially in training, operations and licencing.

Most CEOs, Operation and HR Managers would agree that their biggest challenge is keeping their Duty Managers engaged and focused on performance rather than task-driven roles so that they can effectively coordinate, delegate and manage their environment and are part of the solution rather than the problem.

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Aligning Strategy with Efficiency” 

West Tradies Management Program

West Tradies

The origins of the club can be traced back to 1983 when it was established for building tradesmen and their families through the support of unions in the building industry.

Known originally as the Building Workers Club it grew very quickly and often had a waiting list of people keen to join.

There have been ongoing renovations and alterations to the premises to maintain and enhance member services over the years.

Today, it certainly is a testament to its humble beginnings and the benefits it has made to the surrounding community in the Mt Druitt area.

It has been the vision at West Tradies to provide members, their family and friends of all ages and the community with a modern venue that provides the best hospitality and entertainment facilities.

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Duty Manager Training

Workers Lifestyle Group

Workers Lifestyle Group

By the very nature of the work Duty Managers perform, it would be easy for them to get caught up in the daily tasks of running a business instead of utilising their resources to manage performance of their staff. As gatekeepers of the “service standards and culture”, proactive management is a skill that can be taught through a systemic training process to make your managers more productive administratively, operationally and lawfully. Focusing on performance management creates a level of efficiency within the business that improves operational performance, staff engagement and customer satisfaction. Providing training objectives that support the organisation’s goals provides a clear alignment of vision, mission and values.

With over 150 Duty Managers involved in the Allied Risk Duty Manager Training and Coaching program, it is evident that systemic change is achievable through fostering and developing your change agents.

Workers Lifestyle Group inline with the group’s strategic diversification and expansion program, has a long term commitment to generating and fostering change.

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Training Staff to Navigate Conflict

An Article in Australasian Leisure Management Issue 161, Page 44

Navigate Conflist

Amid regular reports of a rise in aggressive, abusive and angry patrons, Gwen Luscombe talks with Sam Ekinci of Allied Risk Solutions on the increased importance of training staff in incident and confrontation management.

From confrontational guests to abusive patrons, former NSW police officer, Sam Ekinci, the Chief Executive of Allied Risk Solutions (pictured left), is all too aware of the increasing importance of training staff in incident and confrontation management.

After working with the Corporate Affairs Commission and Fraud Squad and Tactical Response Group for the NSW Police, Ekinci has transferred his knowledge into training programs assisting not just licensed venues, but lifestyle, retail, hospitality and even local councils focussing on everything from leadership to armed robbery training.

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