A seamless security management and execution starts with the basics

Security staff, at all levels of experience, the need to re-visit the basics of their craft is every five years. This is due to changes in legislation, industry trends and new methodologies applicable to this industry.

In order to enhance their skills and broaden their knowledge base, training of security staff focuses on all matters of security and should be updated at least once every five years.

The first aspect of this training is designed for all levels of experienced staff, covering the basics of their craft.

Changes in legislation, industry trends and new methodologies needs to be addressed. As well as ensuring compliance with organisational changes and responsibilities (By Laws, SOP’s, KPI’s).

Secondly there is a much greater compliance requirement placed upon security issues by staff (especially RSA officers, door staff, Reception, G.P.U, and supervisors) as Governments focus on reducing Alcohol-Related Incidents.

This training focuses on management and control of events in order to develop preventative measures, reducing risk, and better reporting of incidents so that the venue moves towards the best possible outcome in addressing current challenges.

A level of understanding is provided to staff and line managers of the venues standards, goals, visions and expectations. Staff awareness of external threats to the venue or industry is clearly defined.

Adequate staff training can develop a systemic culture of quality management and standards within a venue.

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