Aligning strategy and operational efficiency will maximise the performance of your Duty Managers.

Every training program must have clear measurable outcomes for the individual and for the organisation.

The tangible benefits must be evident so you can measure the return on your investment and mitigate business risks, especially in training, operations and licencing.

Most CEOs, Operation and HR Managers would agree that their biggest challenge is keeping their Duty Managers engaged and focused on performance rather than task-driven roles so that they can effectively coordinate, delegate and manage their environment and are part of the solution rather than the problem.

Allied Risk Duty Management Training & Coaching (part of the ClubsNSW Educational Pathways Program) systemically addresses the development of the Duty Manager in line with organisational objectives.

The curriculum is tailored to address your specific operational issues, ensuring outcomes are established and individual performance is managed through KPIs.

Campbelltown Catholic Club, The Shellharbour Club, Wentworthville Leagues Club, Bankstown Trotting Club, Liverpool Catholic Club, Blacktown Workers Club and many other clubs have benefited from the program. Our program creates strong and effective frontline staff and a management team that works towards excellence in quality and standards.

As Wenty Leagues Club CEO Glenn Kovacs says of one of his Duty Managers who has been through the program: “Sam has achieved in eight weeks what was tasked for others to achieve in five years.”


Duty Manager Training Program Benefits

  • Aligning Individual Development with Corporate Objectives
  • Systemic Management of Incidents (Internal or External)
  • Systemic Management of Confrontation Issues
  • Changes from Task to Performance Management Measured by KPIs

Weekly Reviews Include:

  • Incident reporting.
  • Procedural awareness and application.
  • Operational awareness and application – are they delegating, coordinating and managing resources?
  • Are decisions lawful?
  • Reporting – do reports have clear structure, content, context and relevance and reflect proper accountability?
  • Improvements to customer service.
  • Development of leadership skills.
  • Portfolio development, staff multi-skilling and cross-training for better use of resources.

All of the initiatives are outcome driven, aligned to KPIs, and include performance reviews and weekly individual and group feedback. The coaching ensures consistency of standards and development of a strong performance-driven culture that is proactive and systemic.

The precept that what starts with a Duty Manager should finish with the Duty Manager works, with clear reporting on incidents, outcomes and recommendations ensuring strong engagement, better decisions and greater efficiency at middle management level.

For a program overview see the cycle of service graph below. For video testimonials of the values and benefits of the Duty Manager Training Program please go to or contact Sam Ekinci on 9635 0477.


Duty Manager Training Program Key Points:

  • Risk Review & Staff Assessment
  • Duty Manager Training & Coaching Program
  • Leadership Excellence (Supervisor – Succession Planning)
  • Customer Service & Compliance
  • Armed Robbery Safety (Face-to-Face and Online)
  • Implementation of the Allied Risk Analyser to Measure Operational, Training and Performance Gaps and Inherent Risks

For more information on our Duty Manager Risk & Compliance, Coaching & Mentoring Program contact us on
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