Killer Presentations by Nicholas Oulton

Power Your Imagination To Visualise Your Point: PowerPoint

PowerPoint is used over 30 million times a day… Badly!

Boredrooms all over the world are right now ringing with the sound of defeat.

Audiences battle to stay awake, as presenters abuse them with slide after slide of bullet points.

  • Badly constructed arguments
  • Badly target messaging
  • Too much information
  • Too much text
  • Too little thought
  • Essential information lost in a sea of text
  • Irrelevant information illustrated with clip art and photographs

Presenters are boring – audiences are snoring!

Nicholas Oulton wants to show you how to change your use of PowerPoint and change it’s effect on your audience.


  • Boring can become Engaging
  • Dull can become Memorable
  • Pointless can become Effective

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This second edition has completely a new chapter on Web Presenting and links to several online seminars as well as a chapter on how to make your presentation content more memorable by using m62’s Passive Mnemonic Processing techniques.

The book illustrates its approach clearly and in detail: using real company examples and a series of 40 colour-images to show how such slides can work.

Additionally, the book provides unique links to web sites where you can see more about this sort of presentation in action.


Publisher: How To Books Ltd
Dimensions: 23.27 x 16.08 x 1.42 centimeters (0.41 kg)
Format: Paperback, 193 pages, 2nd Revised, Update Edition
Published In: United Kingdom, 10 May 2007