Newsletter Issue 03 # September 2012

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Newsletter Issue – September 2012
Armed Robbery Course
Armed Robbery has a considerable impact on your business, and the health, safety and welfare of those involved in the Robbery.
Draft NSW Security Industry Amendment Regulation 2012
By Mark Pasquale
Improving Your Bottom Line With Every Interaction
By Michelle Pascoe (OOPS)
Two Way Radios – The New Way to Communicate
Duty Manager Training (Coaching
& Mentoring)
Bulletproof Your Business
10 Step Blueprint to Prevent your Business from falling Victim to Armed Robbery

With large sums of cash on your premises and criminals lurking, managing this perpetual threat to your assets, staff, customers and reputation is paramount.

Throughout these pages, we’ll outline 10 essential steps to provide you with not only the best possible chance of preventing armed robberies, but also to survive in the event an armed hold-up does occur.

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Flyer for the Duty Manager Training Course
Please click below to download a flyer (PDF format) for the Duty Manager Training Course.
4 Step Strategy in Risk & Compliance
Violent Venues & “Three Strikes” Disciplinary Scheme (NSW)
TAFE NSW SWSi Clubs Forum
Launch of a Partnership
On the 1st of August 2012, TAFE NSW SWSi and Allied Risk Solutions launched their partnership at an Industry Forum held at Bankstown Sports Club entitled “3 Strikes You’re Out!”.
The forum was about:
  • bringing together various stakeholders involved in the Club Industry
  • reviewing challenges and opportunities facing Clubs today
  • providing clubs with clear strategies to move forward in their staff development, training and risk management portfolios
Leaps Ahead
Investing in the Club’s future
The Shellharbour Club’s focus for the future includes a variety of significant developments with the Club’s refurbishment program as well as the diversification and realignment of the organisational structure in line with the Club’s growth. The Club is also focusing on their corporate governance working towards ClubsNSW best practice.
The Board and Management team have created a new vision, mission and values in line with the growth of the Business.  One of the many new initiatives focuses on the development and growth of both front line employees and managers.  As a result, the Club has engaged Allied Risk Solutions to complete a comprehensive and structured two year coaching, training and mentoring program which concentrates on Risk and Compliance.
Anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by the new health and safety laws need to take a big deep breath and remember that the basic requirements of the Health and Safety laws have always been to manage the risks of your organisation so as not to cause harm to others.
This has not changed with the new legislation, so if you were managing your work health and safety well under the previous laws then adapting your system will not be difficult.
Some of the Changes – New Terminology
A Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (“PCBU”) is the term now used instead of an Employer and incorporates but is not limited to Companies, Contractors, Sub-contractors, the Self-Employed and Franchisees.
There is a perception with some licensees that the 3 Strikes Disciplinary Scheme is only about reducing alcohol related incidents in licenced premises. The approach by the NSW Government is about getting venues to improve their business practises in relation to Incident Management. OLGR has made it clear that they want to see changes at venues in order to develop a best practice approach to their business processes.
The current OLGR register of premises with 1st strike breaches are predominantly for “licensee permit intoxication on licensed premises”. With changes to the definition of intoxication establishing the burden of proof for someone who is “reasonably” to “noticeably” affected by liquor makes the offence easier to prove by the authorities. 
Bringing expertise built over 18 years in mystery shopping, service benchmarking, surveys and focus groups, and staff training and development, partnering with Allied Risk Solutions, Michelle has the skills and experience to really shift the performance of your business.
The program is designed to address not only your Duty of Care provisions but to provide the strategies to establish a proactive security environment.
CCTV Changes
By Martin Dugdale
When I first started in the electronic security business, life was relatively simple.
Security systems came in only a few different flavours. Monitored, or not monitored. Monitoring was either by dial up or direct line including Securitel. If you had a monitored system and it went into alarm then one option was to call the Police to attend the scene. This situation changed when the cost of systems started to decline and there was a greater and much fiercer competition for customers.
TAFE NSW South Western Sydney presents a round-up of the Club Industry Forum
Gone are the days where students are required to sit in a classroom for instruction from a TAFE teacher.
Gone are the days where students are required to sit in a classroom for instruction from a TAFE teacher.  This type of instructional teaching does not suit the Club industry nor does it capture the experience and expertise that club industry professionals have gained during the course of their years working in the industry.
Over the past decade TAFE NSW South Western Sydney Institute (SWSi) has developed expertise in being able to respond the changing needs of the Club Industry by offering workforce solutions that are designed to be delivered in a blended delivery method. As well, SWSi has developed a number of customised programs designed to meet the specific needs of our individual and valuable club partners.
By Russell Stuart
“Forensic science, in its broadest definition, is the application of science to law.”
Richard R. Saferstein Ph.D. (2011)
As a manager in a service industry that requires accountability on so many levels to the general public and other stakeholders when dealing with crime related incidents; the importance of effective leadership through structured processes, underpinned by sound core operational skills has never been so important.
There have been many examples of public interest in forensic science and crime scene investigation over the years.  One example can be read in literature dating back to the time of Mark Twain, in one such novel titled Pudd’nhead Wilson in 1894; mentioning the use of fingerprinting before the technique became widely accepted by law enforcement agencies.
Our core service is in developing sound Security Management programs for the Hospitality Industry with a view to reducing risk and liability.
It aims to fill in any gaps related to risk, compliance, training and reporting especially where it involves alcohol-related Incidents.
We have achieved outstanding performance using industry specific knowledge and providing forward looking tools, making the decision process both tangible and actionable.
The training identifies and seeks to remove internal interferences, allowing the manager to effectively focus on the critical components of decision making, ensuring a greater level of commitment, focus, clarity and direction is achieved.
As more and more companies entered the market, prices went down but also so did standards. This was evident both in installation practices and also in customer training. The first and most obvious result was the decision of Police forces around the country to stop attending domestic alarms unless there was third party verification.
Two Way Radios have come a long way since the time of being something your security guards carried.
Changes in two way radio technology can help you overcome many communications issues within your venue with a verity of features that you may not be aware of.
For instance did you know that two way radios are now digital, and the cost of those digital radios is now only slightly more than their older analogue counter parts.
Digital radios can offer your venue a host of new features that may remove or reduce your reliance on other devices because no one wants to feel like you’re wearing Batman’s utility belt.
New Work Health and Safety Laws
A Practical Look at the Differences
The draft Regulation supports the reform measures to be implemented by the Security Industry Amendment Act 2012 and is proposed to commence on 1 November 2012.
The Regulation includes the proposed new fee schedule.
The Police Ministry has requested comments by cob Wednesday 19 September 2012.
SPAAL members are requested to provide comments to SPAAL for inclusion in the SPAAL submission by Friday, 7 September.
Do you really know what your customers are saying about your business?  What sort of first impression your people are creating?  And how the systems and processes in your business underpin your service strategy?
Michelle Pascoe is a specialist in every aspect of service operations and processes, and their impact on your customer experience.
Work Health and Safety Act 2011 No 10
Current version for 6 July 2012 to date