Newsletter Issue 04 # December 2012

Allied Risk Solutions
Newsletter Issue – December 2012
Armed Robbery Course
Armed Robbery has a considerable impact on your business, and the health, safety and welfare of those involved in the Robbery.
Bulletproof Your Business
10 Step Blueprint to Prevent your Business from falling Victim to Armed Robbery

Throughout these pages, we’ll outline 10 essential steps to provide you with not only the best possible chance of preventing armed robberies, but also to survive in the event an armed hold-up does occur.

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If you work in the NSW hospitality industry and work in roles that require you to have an RSA or RCG qualification including as a licensee or approved manager, you must complete a new RSA / RCG course and obtain a photo competency card before the expiry of your paper certificate(s).

Existing paper RSA and RCG certificates continue to be valid as evidence of competency until they are phased out in stages over the next 5 years. Holders of expired paper certificates can be fined by NSW Police or inspectors from the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing.
Security Industry Amendment Act 2012
SLED and ALEC Audits – Is your security ready?
The Security Industry Amendment Bill 2012 has been passed by the NSW Parliament and is now in effect (commenced 1st November 2012).
It will significantly enhance the NSW Police Force’s regulation of the security industry. Many of the changes came out of reviews undertaken by the Australian Crime Commission and the Independent Commission Against Corruption. Evidence of organised crime and outlaw motorcycle gangs operating specifically in the security Industry in all mainland states was brought to the attention of the legislators.
There are about 4,000 security firms operating in NSW and new regulatory enforcement and compliance audits have been introduced to review these businesses. The conduct of compliance audits on master licence holders and premises where they are operating will be based on risk assessments and intelligence reports gathered and held by the NSW Police Force.
Needs Analysis
Move from Task to Performance Driven Workforce

When an organisation becomes task driven rather than performance driven – it’s time to conduct a Needs Analysis.
A Needs Analysis will identify the individual manager’s current capabilities, collective training needs, operational efficiencies or gaps falling within the alignment and expectations of the Club’s corporate goals (Mission, Vision, and Values).
The focus of a Needs Analysis is to assist Managers in recognising their skills and abilities and how  their performance is perceived in the operational environment. The objective is to assist them in taking ownership of their tasks and responsibilities, while identifying and allocating resources under their control.
A Needs Analysis should be conducted every 2 years to ensure there are no underlying potential problematic issues within the management of a Club. Discontent and division, if it exists, is not always visible in a Club workplace. There are clues that indicate there may be some unrest or disaffection in the ranks. The Needs Analysis allows these issues to surface and resolution (closing the gaps) to be discovered or addressed.
Xmas Message from Allied Risk
Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2013

2012 has been a busy year with many changes in both industry and Government in NSW. New Legislative policy covering the 3 Strikes Disciplinary Scheme (1 January 2012), changes to the Security Industry and introduction of the Security Industry Amendment Act (1 November 2012) has caused major changes to policy, procedure and compliance to many organisations.
Allied Risk has been able to assist a number of clubs this year in establishing frameworks for their business to deal with compliance requirements, reducing alcohol related incidents and upskiling frontline staff and managers to a higher level of consistency, standards, customer service and operational accountability.
Our Duty Manager Training and Coaching programs are helping managers to be better team players, communicators and managers, learning to coordinate and delegate when dealing with incidents – particularly incidents that are likely to become a matter of a complaint or lead to civil or criminal liability.
To all of our Clubs NSW family, clients, and friends, wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.
All the best from the staff at Allied Risk Solutions.
The program is designed to address not only your Duty of Care provisions but to provide the strategies to establish a proactive security environment.
Venue’s Compliance Program
Are you compliant?
The Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR) has specific advice regarding Risk and Compliance Management. The following information details the development of a Compliance Folder, to ensure your venue’s on-going commitment to compliance, containing a written compliance program specific for your venue.
The Compliance Folder serves as a tool for your staff, RSA marshal and security, providing them with a ready reference to all aspects of your operations and how to comply with legal requirements and licence conditions.
Allied Risk takes this process one step further by helping Licenced Venues / Clubs to not only develop the printed documentation required regarding Risk and Compliance, but to incorporate a focus on standards and compliance within the culture of the staff, so that they become more aware of the implications and consequences of actions.
The essential documents to be included in the Compliance Folder are detailed here:-
RSA and RCG paper certificates issued
Expiry date
Prior to 1 Jan 2001
Expired on 30th June 2012
1 Jan 2001 – 31 Dec 2006
30th June 2013
1 Jan 2007 – 31 Dec 2008
30th June 2014
1 Jan 2009 – 31 Dec 2009
30th June 2015
1 Jan 2010 – 21 Aug 2011
30th June 2016
RSA and RCG Certificate Update
Paper Certificates being phased out – Stage 2
The next step of the transition dates for expiry of RSA / RCG paper certificates in NSW will come into effect on 30th June 2013.

A summary of the transition process from paper certificates to photo ID cards is shown in the table below.

The Latest Stage of the transition from Paper Certificates to Photo ID Cards