Newsletter Issue 06 # September 2013

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Newsletter Issue – September 2013
Armed Robbery Course
Armed Robbery has a considerable impact on your business, and the health, safety and welfare of those involved in the Robbery.
Duty Manager Training (Coaching
& Mentoring)
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Flyer for the Duty Manager Training Course
Please click below to download a flyer (PDF format) for the Duty Manager Training Course.
Harrassment, Bullying and Discrimination in the Workplace
Not good business
Emotionally Intelligent Customer Service
Why are people talking about Emotional Intelligence?
By Morgan Stewart
“Why are people talking about emotional intelligence and customer service?” was a question heard recently from a Senior Club Manager.A fair question and one that has five points that answer it in a way that demonstrates how to partner the principles of Daniel Goleman’s emotional intelligence and customer service.
We are in the Hospitality business, fighting for the discretionary spend of our customers and the aim of hospitality is to be ‘hospitable’, which can be easier said than done in businesses that generally say they know all about customer service.
1.        Self Awareness
2.        Self Regulation
3.        Social Skills
4.        Empathy
5.        Motivation
Introducing Workskills Australia
A new business venture
A new business name and venture for the Directors of Workskills Australia – Ellie Roach and Christine Williamson.
Workskills Australia is excited to work in partnership with Allied Risk Solutions for their training and development programs for the Club industry.
Workskills Australia specialises in Vocational Education and Management consulting delivering a range of services to the Hospitality industrynationally and internationally.
Our training Solutions are focussed on education and training for the industry and its employee’s new and existing workers.
Workskills Australia Directors have worked in the vocational training market for in excess for 30 years and Clubs training is one of our speciality industry sectors.
Our training programs are flexible and customised for each client’s specific needs.
Working with Allied Risk Solutions proves us with an opportunity to present a whole of business training outcome for the Clubs Industry.
This year there are two additional reasons why your business should ensure that steps have been taken to prevent harassment, bullying and discrimination at your workplace.
In addition to the costs impacting on the business through productivity, morale and turnover to name a few, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency and Fair Work Australia have new legislation putting pressure on organisations to make it a priority.
Workplace Gender Equality Agency –
New Gender Reporting
The ‘Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012’ which replaced the ‘Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Act 1999’, is focused on promoting and improving gender equality.  More information on the Act can be found on the Workplace Gender Equality Agency website at
The program is designed to address not only your Duty of Care provisions but to provide the strategies to establish a proactive security environment.
The SINGLE Most Important Content Area To Include In Your Resume Is ….
Your ‘achievements’ by Jenny White of White Now
The Holdup Recovery Solution
By Martin Dugdale
A new approach and development in the security industry is the the Holdup Recovery Solution which  consists of:
1) A miniature tracker unit, which can be disguised as a pack of cigarettes, a stack of $20 notes or built into jewelry boxes / display stands. It can be tracked using GPS, GSM or RFID. It is so small and light that seven can be fitted in a pack of cigarettes!
2) Mobotix cameras
These are remote guard enabled, providing a clear chain of evidence linking the robber to the stolen goods. These cameras are the biggest revolution in CCTV, featuring ACTIVITY DETECTION as opposed to motion detection.
Our core service is in developing sound Security Management programs for the Hospitality Industry with a view to reducing risk and liability.
It aims to fill in any gaps related to risk, compliance, training and reporting especially where it involves alcohol-related Incidents.
We have achieved outstanding performance using industry specific knowledge and providing forward looking tools, making the decision process both tangible and actionable.
The training identifies and seeks to remove internal interferences, allowing the manager to effectively focus on the critical components of decision making, ensuring a greater level of commitment, focus, clarity and direction is achieved.
DON’T spend lots of time talking about the ‘Duties’ that you perform from day to day. Focus on the ACHIEVEMENTS that you have had in each role.
When a CEO, HR Manager or Board member receives your resume they are thinking… ‘if we employed this person, what can they do for us? How will they make our business better’.
So, if you TELL them in your resume how you have made another business better and it resonates with their business, then they WILL want to interview you.        
They are looking to see if you can ACHIEVE the same things you have talked about and MORE in their business. Simple really !!!!!
So, what does an ACHIEVEMENT look like on a resume ? The best achievements will show measurable transformations that you have been a part of. This could be people centric or business centric.
Have a look at the job ad first and see what THEY are looking for you to achieve then think about whether you have achieved that and make sure that it is in your resume, along with every other achievement that is relevant. Ask yourself some of these questions;
Two Way Radios – Analogue or Digital
Written by  Richard Knowles
Analogue two-way radios have been used for business applications as far back as 1933, and they were originally placed into service by the U.S. military 20 years before then.
Today, two-way radio  technology is so widespread, it has become nearly as common as a household appliance. This time-saving communications tool has now become a favorite choice for commercial, industrial, military, and even personal use.
The history of the two-way radio is long and well defined, but  the question still stands as to whether the analogue radio is strong enough to offset the advantages of the feature-rich digital devices that are growing in popularity.