Consolidation for Growth

Providing a supportive learning and development environment for our managers …. we’ve have seen a significant change in the standard of reporting, consistency, performance and confidence shown by our operations team.

Nestled on the South Coast of New South Wales in a quiet getaway location where you can relax and enjoy the sand, surf, and sunshine is The Shellharbour Club. Offering modern surroundings in a family-friendly environment, their experienced staff aim to exceed customer expectations in every visit with their professional and personable service.

But times are changing at The Shellharbour Club. In fact, the club’s focus for the future now includes a variety of significant developments including an extensive refurbishment program as well as the diversification and realignment of the organisational structure in line with the club’s growth. Also on the agenda is a focus on their corporate governance working towards ClubsNSW best practice.

The board and management team have created a new vision, mission, and values in line with the growth of the business. One of the many new initiatives centres on the development and growth of both front line employees and managers. As a result, the club has engaged Allied Risk Solutions to complete a comprehensive and structured two year coaching, training, and mentoring program which concentrates on risk and compliance.

Allied Risk’s guidance in developing a comprehensive set of procedures, including a venue safety management plan, confrontation management guidelines, incident reporting procedures, various internal business systems, and standard operating procedures helped to streamline the club’s efficiencies and reduce alcohol related incidents.

The initial review of the club’s position with respect to risk and compliance was conducted by Allied Risk, along with a lengthy interview process with the management team to set perimeters, expectations, and a clear understanding of the club’s legal frameworks and procedural efficiencies. On acceptance of the implementation strategy, the two year training and development program was implemented which addresses a process of systemic management to identify and deal with licensing and regulatory risk with a focus on incident management guidelines, underpinned by benchmark reporting.

Through periodic assignments, coaching, and review of their daily operational reports, as a result the business is now delivering quality reports supported by evidentiary, corroborative, and substantive documentation. Ensuring that the OLGR Books Part A and Part B are cross referenced with final reports and review of the banning and citation processes have ensured the four stages of incident management process is complete.

Establishing operational key performance indicators (KPIs) for managers and the reintroduction of performance reviews for frontline staff and managers have also created a shift towards achieving excellence in standards, service, and growth. In line with the club’s realignment of roles and responsibilities, Allied’s involvement in the facilitation and mentoring of frontline managers is specific to their needs and responsibilities. Breaking down the perceived expectations of task management and the redeployment of procedural responsibilities is allowing operational managers the flexibility of time to better manage, co-ordinate, and delegate responsibilities. The program underpins each manager’s skills and knowledge of related legal processes and differentiates for them their areas of responsibility as credible leaders and effective managers.

Allied’s coaching, training, and mentoring program is localised to the needs of each Venue and dovetails perfectly into the Shellharbour Club’s focus of establishing performance based management through best practice strategies. Through the foresight and support of the club’s executives, and the endurance and tenacity of a motivated team of shift managers, The Shellharbour Club is certainly moving forward by leaps and bounds.

“In the short time since appointing Allied Risk Solutions to assist us we’ve seen a significant change in the standard of reporting, consistency, and confidence shown by our operations team. We’ve always had capable staff but with Allied Risk supplying the tools they’ve been lifted to a new level. We’re now receiving far more benefit from these key staff members and it’s certainly a matter of all the ‘Is’ being dotted and ‘Ts’ being crossed. The above has also flowed on to the rest of their work making them far more confident and productive. It’s been an excellent exercise for our business which I’m sure will continue to show improvement.”

Debbie Cosmos – Chief Executive Officer