By Ron Browne

A shortage in the Customer Service Manager team triggered Cabra Bowls Group to call Sam Ekinci, Allied Risk Solutions lead trainer. Leadership Development, a two year program was developed, that focused on the key areas of compliance, reporting, staff engagement, performance and security in order to address the key risk areas for the club.

Allied’s approach provided Inclusion, Information and Independence.

Inclusion – the team were given the opportunity to:

  • Review their areas of skill and competence, identifying the gaps to be addressed.
  • Review the compliance and reporting processes and understand the risks of poor compliance.
  • Be included in the process of deciding the training needs, that varied from venue to venue.
  • Once trained, be involved in the tailored coaching and mentoring of their teams, building capacity at all levels.

“Staff were desperate for training, so we implemented a 2 year program for middle management.  They committed to the program for the skills gap improvement and realised its longer term benefits – i.e. potential future advancement.”

Nathaniel Schryver – Group General Manager

Information – Sam’s skill in imparting his industry knowledge and experience,was a major factor in engaging the managers in their learning and development.After hours support, provided by Sam for the Senior Management, was the additional X Factor and benefit to the organisation.

  • Allied’s program focuses on the key areas of compliance (like Sections 73 and 77 of the NSW Liquor Act) aimed at reducing club incidents.
  • Also included was Armed Robbery Safety Training, providing the managers with the right tools to ensure Duty of Care is sound.
  • Documentation systems were introduced that provide auditable evidence of the improvement in safety and compliance.
  • Whilst Cabra Bowls’ three venues are quite diverse in location, patron and community terms, consistent implementation of the training principles has allowed the group to establish and maintain uniform, high standards for service, quality and overall venue performance.

“If you see a problem, you own a problem.  The training enabled our managers to come forward with a solution, giving them more ownership, which was to the benefit of the business.”

Nathaniel Schryver – Group General Manager

Independence – the development of the Customer Service Managers (CSMs) has led to improvement in team performance, better sales and stronger compliance at each of their three venues

  • Improvement in the team was driven by the fact that Sam holds everyone accountable, so if they do the training, they need to follow up with action.
  • The team improved overall, with some departures inevitable, which Sam identified as a possible consequence of the required levels of upskilling.
  • Coaching and mentoring, delivered by the CSMs,strengthened team relationships, raised compliance and greatly reduced RSA issues, reinforcing the human aspect of the industry we are in.
  • CSM performance is more in tune with corporate expectations,with four staff stepping up to additional duties as a result of the training.
  • Smoother shifts and better sales have resulted in all venues from the greater responsibility imbued to the teams.

“Sam’s mantra – Where focus goes, energy flows – has taken some managers out of their comfort zone, but enhanced their abilities.

Nathaniel Schryver – Group General Manager

The outcomes identified at the commencement of the program – increased compliance, reduced risks, greater teamwork and improved revenue – were achieved through the completion of the program.

Cabra Bowls Group enjoyed significant improvement in team performance and corporate results, through Sam’s commitment to raising the standards, in a manner tailored to their venues and staff.

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