Training Solutions for Crowd Management


“Perceptions become reality”

And for that reason we go to extreme lengths to ensure that our staff are the best available in an ever shrinking pool of employees available to the security industry.

Staff induction, training, culture is established and enforced from initial point of employment and each staff member is inducted into your venue and briefed on your specific requirements.

Customer focus and service is an ongoing process for development ensuring that your security becomes a key component of your customer service focus.

Ongoing in-house training programs supplementary to basic training cover:

  • Company Policy Induction
  • Employee Code of Conduct
  • Registered Clubs Act
  • Liquor Act 2007
  • Customer Service.
  • Confrontation Management
  • Inclosed Lands Act
  • Assaults and Offences Akin
  • Incident Reporting/Report Writing
  • Weaponless control and Restraining Techniques
  • Public Relations & Customer Relations
  • Communications (verbal & non verbal)
  • Team building skills. (Controlled Aggression Exercises)
  • Problem Solving Scenarios.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (Opening & Closing Procedures)
  • Club Bi-laws
  • Fire Warden Duties
  • Occupational Health and Safety

At Allied our personnel are trained and experienced in these tasks integrating the roles, systems, accountabilities to provide you with the satisfaction guaranteed service whilst protecting your assets.

Interactions and active committee involvement with various Liquor Accords, Alcohol and Licensing Enforcement Command, local Licensing Police and local Area Commands along with Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing ensures that your business is always up to date with the ever changing industry benchmarks and standards. .

Allied’s range of specialist services are:

  • Crowd Controllers
  • Security Guard Services
  • RSA Marshalls
  • Concierge/Reception
  • Sporting and Special Event Security
  • Retail Security
  • Loss Prevention
  • Armed Escorts
  • High rise Complexes
  • Shopping Centre Security
  • Industrial and Construction Security
  • Gate House Guards

Allied has a 100% client satisfaction guarantee for the integration of services we provide. Throwing people at a problem is not the solution or the option and we have historically show to streamline any security system to work to a standard and reduce your costs. The initiatives are measurable and enforceable. For an obligation free review of your security requirements please take the time to contact our office as you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Our corporate security, risk and customer service solutions include:

  • Security Guarding
  • Concierge Services
  • Close Personal Protection
  • Asset Protection and Control
  • Registered Clubs
  • Event and Venue Security
  • Shopping Centre Security
  • Corporate Investigations

We have proven success in delivering broad range of services for:

  • Property Management
    Corporate, commercial property and facility management
  • Corporate Business Events
    Media launches, functions, exhibitions, AGMs and meetings
  • Public Precincts
    Municipalities, recreational areas, parkland and precincts
  • Commercial and Retail
    Shopping centres and corporate headquarters
  • Education Facilites
    Universities and learning centres
  • Risk Management
    Establishing risk framework, risk review, security auditing and investigations.

For more information on our Crowd Control Training Programs services contact us via:

02 9635 0477 or

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