Workers Lifestyle Group

by the very nature of the work Duty Managers perform, it would be easy for them to get caught up in the daily tasks of running a business instead of utilising their resources to manage performance of their staff. As gatekeepers of the “service standards and culture”, proactive management is a skill that can be taught through a systemic training process to make your managers more productive administratively, operationally and lawfully. Focusing on performance management creates a level of efficiency within the business that improves operational performance, staff engagement and customer satisfaction. Providing training objectives that support the organisation’s goals provides a clear alignment of vision, mission and values.

With over 150 Duty Managers involved in the Allied Risk Duty Manager Training and Coaching program, it is evident that systemic change is achievable through fostering and developing your change agents.

Workers Lifestyle Group inline with the group’s strategic diversification and expansion program, has a long term commitment to generating and fostering change.

Morgan Stewart, the Chief Executive Officer said, “We chose Allied because they had the form on the board and they were a good fit for our business and continues to be a good fit. Our managers are getting a lot more understanding of the business practices required through the day to day trading of the club, better reporting and a reduction of our business and licensing risks and WHS. I have the confidence to know that my managers are competently undertaking their duties. I know that performance has improved and the operational outcomes and results we are getting now are correct, managers are positive and communication and engagement has measurably improved

Workers Lifestyle Group has expanded the program to include supervisors and frontline staff through Leadership development and customer service and compliance programs.

These set benchmark standards for the various levels of staffing underpinned by systemic reporting and management, through accountability and ownership. These services provide the staff and management with a way to progress, overcoming limitations, addressing operational and licensing gaps, yielding more engaged staff inline with the club’s succession planning.

Morgan Stewart said, “Sam Ekinci (Allied Risk) has become a mentor to the frontline managers and myself. When you combine that with the training provided and the system in place, it has changed the way we operate as a club. On reviewing our approach, we found people are good at reporting the headline facts at the time they happen – for example, the what, how and who – but that was the reactive approach. We saw the value in being proactive to ensure that the Board down to our staff and the Club itself was never at risk”.