Newsletter Issue 01 # 02 April 2012

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Newsletter Issue 01 # 02 April 2012

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3 Strikes Rule (NSW)
Crucial Changes Impacting Licenced Venues
The introduction of The Liquor Amendment (3 Strikes) Act 2011, passed by the NSW Parliament on 9 November 2011 and effective from 1 January 2012, though designed as a disciplinary scheme targeting rogue operations, will certainly force many organisations to review their security, risk and compliance requirements.

OLGR (Office of Liquor Gaming & Racing) advises that a “key principle of the scheme is that strikes can be imposed when a licensee or approved manager is convicted (including via payment of a penalty notice) of one of a range of the most serious offences under the Liquor Act.”
RSA and RCG Changes are Coming
Licensees should be aware of significant changes in the implementation of Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) in NSW. All security, bar and gaming staff must also be made aware of these changes.
From August 22, 2011, all registered training organisations (RTOs) must use a common online system for RSA and RCG course approval. The system will be linked to the NSW Government’s new licensing database. Up until this point, RTOs kept course graduate information on their own separate internal systems. This information will now be centralised.
No more paper certificates.
Armed Hold-up Refresher Courses
Armed Robbery has a considerable impact on your business, and the health, safety and welfare of those involved in the Robbery. The program is designed to address not only your Duty of Care provisions but to provide the strategies to establish a proactive security environment.
Paying Attention to Guard Retention
In 1989, there was an estimated 65,000 licensed security officers in NSW. With the Security Industry licencing upgrade in 2008 there were 45,000 licenced security officers in NSW.
In 2011, that number has dropped to around 35,000.
Why is this so?
Team Building
When you have the organisational and individual goals merging then you inevitably have a collective focus, clarity, direction and ultimately achievement.
The culture of success comes from empowering staff to be and give their best and the level of commitment and the debt of commitment you will get from them will be subject to how they see themselves within the team environment.
Team building workshops creates that value and empower staff to not only understand the organisations goals but actively pursue it.
Their commitment, drive and energy will certainly increase the level of productivity, efficiency and culture within the business.
How would you like your staff to be driven by “Purpose”.

Allied Risk Blog Authors
Allied Risk Solutions has set up a Blog Site covering areas of interest in the Security Services Industry.
As such a number of specialists will be sourcing articles on a regular basis to this website.
Those authors are showcased here to illustrate the breadth and depth of expertise that will be coming to you soon in the articles produced on this website.
Customer Service
Optimum, Operating, Procedures and Services Australia is a  market leader in the field of “Mystery Shopping” research and is now a business partner with Allied Risk Solutions.
OOPS has combined over 17 years experience in mystery shopping, service benchmarking, surveys and focus groups, staff training and development to create the OARS mystery shopping reporting method.
Speaking Programs
NSW Security Licencing Update
Security Legislation Changes: How They Affect You
All venue operators will be aware that, over the last few years, the NSW Government has introduced a series of reforms aimed at increasing the competence, professionalism and accountability of the NSW security industry.
Duty Manager Module Training
Our core service is in developing sound Security Management programs for the Hospitality Industry with a view to reducing risk and liability. It aims to fill in any gaps related to risk, compliance, training and reporting especially where it involves alcohol-related Incidents.
We have achieved outstanding performance using industry specific knowledge and providing forward looking tools, making the decision process both tangible and actionable. The training identifies and seeks to remove internal interferences, allowing the manager to effectively focus on the critical components of decision making, ensuring a greater level of commitment, focus, clarity and direction is achieved.
Public Speaking

The ability to be able to present oneself in an articulate and professional manner is, these days a business imperative. The necessity of delivering presentations or being an MC at a ceremony or function is now a “core” skill at any management level within the organisation.
We at Allied are adept in this key and most vital of personal development skills, the advice and training we bring to you for this is based on many years of personal experience and training by our delegated staff.
Presentation Skills
Effective Communication is an Art and a Skill, that allows the individual to express effectively and influence his audience through persuasion, humour, inspirational and informative speeches.
A clear distinction exists between content and delivery and through the program the individual is shown ways to add value to their presentations and meet their speech outcomes and objectives.
In today’s very competitive business environment, it is not enough to have the best product, the best service or the best idea. You must also be able to persuade and convince your network of people.
Protect Your Business,
Protect Yourself!

“Your Essential Security Blueprint for
Eliminating Risk in Your Business”

Effective security involves a great deal more than simply providing enough manpower.

It includes considerations such as Risk Analysis, Confrontation Management, Incident Reporting, and how to reduce exposure to civil or criminal liabilities.

A Security Management Plan is a set of structured Standard Operating Procedures specifically designed to help you achieve these goals.

It provides guidelines, regulations, standards, options and hierarchical structure, as well as policies, procedures and protocols, and should be developed in consultation between the client and security provider.
Yours for Free!

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