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    Newsletter Issue – November 2015

Short Video demonstrating the Online Armed Robbery Safety Training program …

Consider some of the responses from staff that have undertaken the training course …

“This has made me realise how much I need to be aware of my surroundings in the club.”
Zoe, Wentworthville Leagues Club

“I’m going to be more vigilant to make a safer environment”
Caitlan, Canberra Southern Cross Club

“It was very clear and engaging. Kept it interesting and involved”
Callum, Liverpool Catholic Club

“Very great training – informative!”
Nikki, The Shellharbour Club

“It gave me a better understanding of what to do in a robbery.”
Alexsandra – Campbelltown Catholic Club

“Well presented and easy to understand”
Christophe- Galston Club

“Thanks it was good.”
Eliza – UNE Life Pty Ltd

“I like the SCORE method – very useful”
Janelle – Orange Credit Union Limited

“Very thorough and engaging.”
Sarah – Healthy Life Group Pty Ltd

“Very well put together, no nonsense and direct.”
Stella – South Burnett Regional Council

“Very good training, integral to the job. I will be more vigilant on the job.”
Lochlan, Canberra Southern Cross Club

“Course covered what direction we should take in making a safe workplace – good outcome.”
Simon, Manager Yacht Club

“I have learnt a lot throughout the training. It has helped me to become more aware and made it more clear on what measures to take when involved in a robbery.”
Kyle, The Shellharbour Club

Armed Robbery Training

Over the past 20 years we have seen the growth of ram-raids, car-jacking, extortion, drug running, protection rackets, armed robbery and
drive by shootings. Banks are no longer the only targets of armed robberies with Supermarkets, retail outlets and Clubs and Hotels very much
under threat.

Lack of security awareness or procedures are the triggers that provide opportunity for robbers and focusing of preventive measures through
staff training and robbery safety and engagement strategies can mitigate many of the risks associated with Armed Robbery.

The Australian Institute of Criminology publication,“The decision-making patterns of armed robbery offenders” by Katie Willis states ….

“Levels of violence used in armed robberies are not simply a function of offender inclination, but are also dependent on the
reactions of victims and bystanders. The resistance of victims to the demands of offenders, or the attempt of victims or other
bystanders to otherwise obstruct them greatly increases the chances of violence occurring.
“People who stand in the way of an armed robber and his / her main objectives (money and escape) run the highest risk of physical injury.

An ongoing review of the risk matrix of staff training requirements in order to mitigate risks is made easier with Allied Risk Solutions. Providing face to face and
online training options can allow your organisation to focus specifically on the key areas of preventative measures, what to do during a robbery and post
robbery measures. Incorporating your operating procedures with duress activation, opening and closing procedures, and cash handling will streamline
awareness and engagement strategies to mitigate risks.

As you review your training requirements for 2016, please take the opportunity to review how Allied can provide you with a localised and cost
effective Armed Robbery Safety training program. For more information, contact Jodi Robertson on (02) 9635 0477 or email her at

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