This month I want to tell you about a new innovative product with the potential to dramatically reduce your exposure to risk of significant loss during a robbery or hold up.

It is an Australian development of a product made in Sweden and will be available in July 2013.

It is called the Holdup Recovery Solution and consists of:

1. A miniature tracker unit:

Which can be disguised as a pack of cigarettes, a stack of $20 notes or built into jewelry boxes/display stands

It can be tracked using GPS, GSM or RFID.

It is so small and light that seven can be fitted in a pack of cigarettes!

2. Mobotix cameras

These are remote guard enabled, providing a clear chain of evidence linking the robber to the stolen goods. These cameras are the biggest revolution in CCTV., featuring ACTIVITY DETECTION as opposed to motion detection.

The Holdup Recovery Solution is a patented device that eliminates the flaws inherent in other tracking systems. These flaws are well documented and arise from the fact that all GPS and GSM devices tend to lose signal when interrupted by large building such as shopping centers and multi-story car parks. They are also power hungry and rapidly consume battery power hunting for signals

In contrast, the Holdup Recover Solution features include:

  • Battery life of up to five years if undisturbed. The battery can be recharged on a regular basis without diminishing battery life.

  • A tracker unit that can be traced to a vehicle or dwelling from up to 4.5 kilometers once the GPS signal is lost. A mix of cutting edge tracking technologies eliminates the problems experienced by traditional GPS/ GSM trackers in car parks or shopping.

  • A reed switch that determines that it has left either the cash drawer, jewelry counter or tobacco rack

  • An accelerometer that determines the speed at which it moves ( hold ups tend to be high speed events)

  • It can send a range of signals including, ‘alert’, ‘holdup’, ‘at rest’ and ‘here I am’.

  • This signal can be received on any android or Apple smart phone and these devices can be used to locate the tracker with sufficient accuracy to identify an individual vehicle in a multistory car park.

This unique combination of tracker(s) and Mobotix cameras offers reliability, effectiveness and the real potential for the return of all stolen goods as there is a clear chain of evidence linking the robber(s) to the stolen goods.

Bad news for the culprits but very good news for our clients!

Call Martin Dugdale on 0413 900 245 and reduce your risk exposure for holdups.

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