Why is it so confusing about the different funding options available to clubs to support their training requirements?

How can TAFE SWSI make it easier for you?

There is one thing for certain and that is that nothing is ever certain.  In the training arena, TAFE SWSI recognises that for many of our clients there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding what is no longer available and, what is now available in terms of government funding that has traditionally supported the training needs of many of our club industry partners.

It is no wonder that many of our clients are uncertain or somewhat confused about the difference between the Strategic Skills Placement (SSP) that is available today and the superseded SSP funding.

What is Workforce Development funding – who applies for it and how does one access this funding?  Why have the traineeship amounts been reduced, and so on?

These seem to be the constant themes that many of our club partners are seeking the answers to.

TAFE SWSI is well placed to facilitate the answers to these questions and to try and demystify some of the confusion.

What’s more there is a new hospitality training package, SIT12 about to be released, probably in the second half of this year and will replace the previous package – SIT07.

What is interesting about the new hospitality training package is the increased emphasis on skill sets.  Skill sets are units that have been selected from the core and elective units of the training package and focus on one particular set of skills; whether it be,beverage or barista or risk management, for example. The units that cover these areas have been clustered together to deliver more precise training for some much needed up-skilling for frontline staff. This is in direct response to the feedback from industry and these changes should be applauded. It means that clubs do not have to train their staff in the whole package but rather they can deliver to a set of skills that a club has identified as a real need. Funding can also be sort to assist with the financial burden of the cost of the training.

Another of the more common themes that we are hearing from clients is the need to direct their training investment to improving customer service and improving their service delivery overall. On the other hand, some clubs have already recognised the need to be more competitive and early adopters are already ahead of the game and have achieved outstanding results with improved customer service.

In response, the hospitality team at TAFE SWSI are constantly searching for, developing and tailoring the most appropriate training to fill the skills gaps in the workforce for our clients.

Among other services, TAFE SWSI has recently tailored programs such as performance management, goal setting, work health and safety, effective coaching and customer service training, to mention just a few.

Of course, we have to mention that TAFE SWSI is able to deliver the full suite of hospitality training package via the internationally renowned online capability.  The classroom just keeps extending more and more, to flexible delivery and the virtual classroom.

TAFE SWSI has also just released its online RSA training. Individual enrolments can be made by accessing the TAFE SWSI website, following the links to course enrolments.  Many of the concerns raised by industry representatives, in relation to compliance, appear to be resolved and the course is now approved.

We would welcome the opportunity to demystify the funding options available to you and how we can support your training needs using the many options that present themselves today.  Of course things are always changing and that is for certain.

Please contact Ellie Roach South Western Sydney Institute Business Consultant on (02) 4620 1881.

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