A new business name and venture for the Directors of Workskills Australia – Ellie Roach and Christine Williamson.


Workskills Australia is excited to work in partnership with Allied Risk Solutions for their training and development programs for the Club industry.


Workskills Australia specialises in Vocational Education and Management consulting delivering a range of services to the Hospitality industry nationally and internationally.


Our training Solutions are focused on education and training for the industry and its employee’s new and existing workers.

Workskills Australia Directors have worked in the vocational training market for in excess for 30 years and Clubs training is one of our speciality industry sectors.


Our training programs are flexible and customised for each client’s specific needs.


Working with Allied Risk Solutions proves us with an opportunity to present a whole of business training outcome for the Clubs Industry.

Partnering with Industry enables Workskills Australia to give you access to the best trainers with industry expertise and currency. Their expertise provides timely flexible training products that work for the Club sector.

As you would all now be aware the government funding for existing worker traineeship Initiative has now ceased. This was a popular program for many of our club partners in the past who were looking for job retention and skill development strategies for their workforce solutions.

Our knowledge and expertise in the vocational training industry allows us to able to find funded solutions to accredited training. Talk to us about alternatives to in funding for eligible workers in the club industry. New worker traineeships and recognition of skills for mature aged workers still form the foundations of skill development programs. Contact us on for more information.


As the vocational education and training sector undertakes major government reforms in funding from 2014 we will be able to provide you with the best solutions for your training dollar. Many of your current qualifications in Hospitality will double or triple in price in 2014 so to have industry and vocational expertise to guide you during this time gives your training solutions and programs the edge.

We are also able to provide innovative training programs and solutions that are non accredited for that specialised training need.

A new product to our portfolio is the Club focus group program.


This program is designed to determine member’s impressions, understanding and attitude concerning the offerings of the club, its services and its facilities. Facilitation of the focus group session is best handled by an objective outsider to ensure that the discussions are more open and free flowing. The importance of the focus group is that it allows the decision makers to quantify, the feelings of the members on issues that may affect strategic planning, operations, event offerings, renovations and even, membership replenishment. Talk to us about this service.

The Clubs forum will return in 2014 “The roadmap to a sustainable future – The Human dashboard”.


Planning has begun for our 2014 Clubs forum which will be co hosted by Allied Risk Solutions and Workskills Australia. Industry leaders and specialists will lead discussions on recruitment, job retention, training, where are training funds.


If you have any topics you want covered just email us your ideas on

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