Do you ever wonder why incidents take place during the quiet nights?

You’re expecting a trouble free night that flows without a glitch. Unfortunately that isn’t the case all of the time. With smaller crowds, patrons have greater access to the bar without having to queue up for a drink. So the revolving door begins!

A recent example of this would be an incident that occurred in a bar in Brunswick Street Mall in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, reported on by Trenton Akers, Courier Mail Brisbane. After a night of fluent access to the bar, two drunken men threw a glass at a female patron. The situation escalated and the two drunken men end up cuffed and taken back to the police station.Its nights like this that keep partygoers fueled with alcohol and that’s when incidents may arise that keep authorities on their toes.

Within the same night, shortly after the first incident, police were called out to another venue in Brunswick Street. On this occasion two security guards have reported being assaulted following a fight at the venue.

With police now on the scene, they are faced with the Oh so common position of figuring out who is in the wrong, their job isn’t made easy with receiving constant verbal abuse.

Police say there needs to be a shift in the culture of the partygoers, that alcohol related violence is not tolerated and there will be consequences for the juvenile actions.

Something else to consider, with the onus being on the licensee and it trickles down to front line staff on the responsible service of alcohol, your staff will need to be aware of the signs that any particular patron may have had their last drink of the evening! With the correct and current training on procedures and guidelines this can cut down the amount of incidents due to alcohol that you may be experiencing.

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Written by Paul Ekinci

Marketing Manager

Allied Risk Solutions

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