Paper Certificates being phased out – Stage 2

The next step of the transition dates for expiry of RSA / RCG paper certificates in NSW will come into effect on 30thJune 2013.

A summary of the transition process from paper certificates to photo ID cards is shown in the table below.


The Latest Stage of the transition from Paper Certificates to Photo ID Cards

If you work in the NSW hospitality industry and work in roles that require you to have an RSA or RCG qualification including as a licensee or approved manager, you must complete a new RSA / RCG course and obtain a photo competency card before the expiry of your paper certificate(s).

Existing paper RSA and RCG certificates continue to be valid as evidence of competency until they are phased out in stages over the next 5 years. Holders of expired paper certificates can be fined by NSW Police or inspectors from the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing.

Before their certificate expires, paper certificate holders need to:

  1. Complete an RSA / RCG course with an approved registered training organisation in NSW. The training provider will provide the course graduate with an interim certificate which is valid for 90 days from date of issue. This can be used as temporary evidence of competency (even if the paper RSA / RCG certificate has expired) so that a person can continue to work in hospitality roles in NSW which require this competency for up to 60 days.
  2. As soon as the training provider has issued the interim certificate, the graduate should take their interim certificate and sufficient documents which prove their identity and go to their nearest participating Australia Post outlet to apply for their photo competency card.

Australia Post will take a photo of the applicant, process the application, and the card will be sent directly to the applicant within 3 weeks by the card manufacturer.


Transition dates for expiry of RSA/RCG paper certificates in NSW

RSA and RCG paper certificates issued Expiry Date
Prior to 1 Jan 2001 Expired on 30th June 2012
1 Jan 2001 – 31 Dec 2006 30th June 2013
1 Jan 2007 – 31 Dec 2008 30th June 2014
1 Jan 2009 – 31 Dec 2009 30th June 2015
1 Jan 2010 – 21 Aug 2011 30th June 2016


For Licencees

Licencees will not be required to keep copies of employee’s new photo competency cards, but under NSW liquor laws they will need to maintain a register of RSA / RCG paper certificates issued prior to 22 August 2011.

All staff on duty at licensed premises will be required to produce the photo ID card on demand by OLGR inspectors or NSW Police and penalties will apply for failing to produce the card. The card holder is not required to personally carry the card – it is sufficient to have the card on site (preferably in a secure place) so it can be immediately obtained if requested.

The new photo cards will be valid for 5 years from the date of issue. It is likely that a renewal process after the 5 years will be developed involving some form of retraining.

More information see OLGR:

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