This Business Skills Training Course can help you

  • Speak with confidence, impact and persuasion
  • Confidential private and customised coaching sessions
  • Deliver memorable presentations

Customised Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Training

Business excellence is about the critical links which takes into consideration best practice and benchmarking, fundamentals to the success of continuous improvement.

Some of the fundamental aspect of establishing a culture of business excellence is investing and “succeeding through people” and “nurturing creativity and innovation”. It is this process of upskilling and value adding to employees that a strong culture of standards and service excellence becomes evident.

As our staff are the links within the organisation to deliver key messages, organisational values, culture and the front-line advocates to optimize and improve brand and reputation it makes sense to invest into their development. To have a workforce with confidence, competence and clarity to get their message through in every aspect of their presentation and communications gives your business the edge in this competitive market.

It is with this in mind that Allied can develop a personalised and  customised course to address corporate and employee communication needs. This we provide with a money back satisfaction guarantee.

Business Training – courses cover every aspect of public speaking and presentation skills communication including:

  • Controlling nerves and projecting confidence to your audience
  • Creating first impressions that gain trust of clients
  • Develop interpersonal skills commensurate with abilities and position.
  • Briefing, Facilitating, instructing and motivating staff.
  • Analytical thinking and impromptu speaking platforms
  • Projecting your business brand in a professional manner
  • Increasing sales success with persuasive presenting
  • Preparing and delivering impressive presentations
  • All through “Practical learning workshop”.

The best way to project a professional and successful image is to train your staff to be top class communicators in all areas of their work whether that be team building, leadership, sales training, presentations or negotiations.

Our skills communication training courses provides your staff the latest techniques in public speaking and presentation skills well above your competitors. Our practical, engaging and interactive coaching style keeps participants active and involved so that they learn faster and retain more.

The broad outcome from this course for staff are:

  • Conquering the fear of public speaking
  • Understand how the brain receive and process information
  • Internal vs External Presenters
  • How to read your audience
  • The secret to getting your audience on side.
  • Speech development and structure
  • Interactive Speaking skills
  • Be able to deliver powerful speeches and presentations
  • Deliver compelling and persuasive presentations
  • Communicate successfully with clients and customers
  • Be able to make their message more appealing
  • Understand and apply the power of nonverbal communication.
  • Developing strategies for Analytical responses and impromptu speaking
  • How to deal with difficult questions during your presentations.
  • Use of visual aids to effectively to add impact to your presentation

When you book Allied’s Business Training – (Public Speaking & Presentation Skills courses) your staff receive powerful tools to build and refine their leadership skills, develop and enhance team building skills and get first class sales training. They become the product they are selling.

Please take advantage of our “Money back satisfaction guarantee” promise and contact us to discuss your particular areas of need and let us show you how our business training courses can benefit your company.

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