• Speak with confidence, impact and persuasion
  • Confidential private and customised coaching sessions
  • Deliver memorable presentations

Executive Presentation Coaching & Mentoring

A program for Executives which is “outcome driven”. Allied’s one on one, “Executive Presentation Coaching and Mentoring program is specifically designed with your outcomes in mind, whether personal or project driven.

Outstanding results requires a proven system of teaching that enhances all areas of business performance and equips the participants with the skills to become a confident compelling inspirational presenter and communicator.

In today’s competitive business environment, it is not enough to have the best product, the best service or the best idea. The ability to add value and persuade, and, convince your network of people is must. Through this program you are able to interlink the delivery of Content and the Presentation, and, apply the different skills sets to deliver key messages in your speech and connect with your audience. Your unique delivery style will develop and be congruent with your personality and accentuate a clear and natural style of delivery. By improving your skill set and dealing with the underlying nervous energy you will display a level of competence, confidence and focus in producing exceptional presentations. You are after all the product.

Executive Presentation Coaching and Mentoring program will equip you to deliver benchmark speeches when addressing:

  • small groups
  • fellow executives
  • employees’ meetings
  • board meetings,
  • stakeholders’ meeting
  • negotiations
  • conference keynotes
  • Community meetings
  • Media releases or press conferences

A clear distinction exists between content and delivery and through the program the participant has shown ways to add value to their presentations and meet their speech outcomes and objectives through the core modules and delivery. The stages of development are captured on video with speech evaluations at each level outlining the progress of content and speech delivery stages. Here are some of the scope of deliveries for this program:

The Scope of Deliveries and Development

Subject to our desired outcomes, Individual customisation allows us jointly to focus on your specific career needs and boost your presentation and public speaking skills in the fastest possible way.

Here are some of the core modules for delivery:

  • Redirecting nervous energy
  • Delivery Methodologies
  • Content Development and Structure
  • Mechanics of Speech delivery – projecting professionalism, confidence and presence
  • How to speak with impact
  • Interactive Speaking Techniques
  • Understanding your audience and winning them over
  • Using body language to suit your speech objective
  • Engaging your audience and keeping their attention
  • Modulating your voice – using tempo, volume and pace
  • Giving speeches with no preparation – ‘The Formula to success’
  • Use of visual aids for maximum impact
  • The power of story-telling
  • Handling questions and answers like a pro
  • Presenting to the Media

Allied’s one-on-one Executive Presentation Coaching and mentoring program will re define the scope of presentation you will achieve allowing you to add value to each presentation to suit your individual style, build on new skills and continue to set new benchmarks in your own development towards excellence.

For a confidential consultation for the Executive Presentation Coaching and Mentoring program please contact Sam Ekinci by email  or call 02 9635 0477.

For more information on our One-on-one Executive Coaching services contact us via:

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