• Speak with confidence, clarity and conviction
  • Settle your nerves
  • How to give impromptu speeches without preparation

Public Speaking Course

Why are some people who speak with confidence and authority are rewarded and gain the best opportunities in life?

This life changing course teaches you how to overcome nerves and express yourself confidently when communicating one-on-one or to an audience.

You learn how to speak off-the-cuff, speak up in public, connect with others and develop self-assurance, so you too can take advantage of life’s opportunities.

This Public Speaking Training program enables you to:

  • Speak Confidently in Public, given specific training to channel the nerves and develop communication confidence.
  • Speak Off-The-Cuff with Confidence, working with techniques and practical applications to delivery to gain superior listening and comprehension skills, organise thoughts, and respond to impromptu questions with ease
  • Speak as a Leader, develop the skills to construct and deliver inspirational and persuasive speeches.
  • Develop a Stronger Sense of Self, a life changing experience and conquering fears by building on techniques that align the mind and body to communicate in unison, confidence and authority.
  • Strategies to convey your message, thoughts and vision effectively. Simply alignment strategies to break the mould and redefine the speakers value.

The Course is a 6-week training program.

The workshop is conducted from 6.30pm to 9.15pm weekly at numerous venues around Sydney. Contact us for a location near you.

Our course facilitators are highly experienced, public speaking trainers who have over 25 year’s experience within the education and training industry.

You receive:

  • Practical, learning with laughter, fun, action-packed training with individual feedback and group evaluations.
  • Confidential, nurturing, supportive environment for confidence building.
  • Comprehensive Manual, course and resource information.
  • Certificate of Achievement on successful completion of course.

Allied provides a full money back guarantee with if you are not satisfied with the outcome of this “Dare to Challenge yourself” Public speaking Course.  You have nothing to lose….  and everything to gain…

Book NOW to Improve Your Speaking Confidence

Speak Up – stand out from the crowd!

Learn how to be interesting & maintain attention

Speak Clearly with clarity – Get to The Point and then stay on track.

Learn how to:

  • Organise your thoughts
  • Impromptu Speaking and handling questions from your audience with confidence
  • Think ahead and express your thoughts fluently (no more ums and ahs)
  • Gain Positive audience response – Look and Sound Great!
  • Recognise and develop your body language, posture, gestures, eye contact and appearance
  • Make a connection with your audience –  build rapport
  • Listen, understand, and engage your audience.
  • Train your mind and body to overcome nerves and speak with confidence.
  • Create and Deliver Leadership Speeches – Informative; Speak with Conviction; Winning Proposal; Engage, Lead & Motivate; Inspire

To Discover the Potential Within

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