Two Way Radios have come a long way since the time of being something your security guards carried.

Changes in two way radio technology can help you overcome many communications issues within your venue with a verity of features that you may not be aware of.

For instance did you know that two way radios are now digital, and the cost of those digital radios is now only slightly more than their older analogue counter parts.

Digital radios can offer your venue a host of new features that may remove or reduce your reliance on other devices because no one wants to feel like you’re wearing Batman’s utility belt.
Digital Radio Features:

  • Clear Voice communication – even in loud environments.
  • Paging (long or short Messages)
  • Private and Group Calling
  • Priority Traffic settings
  • Indoor Radio Tracking (Requires additional infrastructure)
  • Outdoor GPS Location
  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • Transfer to or Make Phone calls from your radio
  • IP55,65 or 67 Ratings
  • Operation in Digital or Analogue modes to reduce the cost of upgrading
  • Bar Code/ Mag Stripe reader attachments
  • Access to data bases (Loyalty systems information possible)

So as you can see Digital Radios can remove the need to carry a DECT Phone, Pager, and a PDA.

Most of the functions provided by those devices can be done with a Digital Radio and more.

Combine all of the above features along with everything you have come to expect from your old analogue radios into a Waterproof / Shock resistant package and you can see that Digital radios offer a communications platform that is unrivaled by many other conventional devices.

So how does all of this affect your operations?
Two way radios can be seen as an effective tool that will streamline communications across multiple platforms, making your staff more efficient – which in turn allows for better customer service.

Telechnics has been in the two way radio industry for 24+ years handling multiple formats and manufacturers, providing radio service and installation to a variety of customers.

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