Are You Compliant?

The Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR) has specific advice regarding Risk and Compliance Management. The following information details the development of a Compliance Folder, to ensure your venue’s on-going commitment to compliance, containing a written compliance program specific for your venue.


The Compliance Folder serves as a tool for your staff, RSA marshal and security, providing them with a ready reference to all aspects of your operations and how to comply with legal requirements and licence conditions.
Allied Risk takes this process one step further by helpingLicenced Venues/Clubs to not only develop the printed documentation required regarding Risk and Compliance, but to incorporate a focus on standards and compliance within the culture of the staff, so that they become more aware of the implications and consequences of actions.


The essential documents to be included in the Compliance Folder are:-

  1. A copy of your liquor licence clearly articulating your venue’s licence conditions
  2. An Alcohol Management Operations Register (AMOR). The register should be updated quarterly to reflect the current status of the liquor licence and changes to the venue’s operation. A copy of the register can be downloaded from the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing website (OLGR)
  3. A copy of your venue policy
  4. A copy of your venue’s procedures of recording crimes
  5. A copy of your venue’s procedures of recording alcohol related incidents
  6. A copy of your venue’s procedures of dealing with minors
  7. A copy of your current floor plan outlining your venue’s restricted and authorised areas
  8. A copy of the most recently completed OLGR self audit checklist, signed by the licensee stating that all issues in the checklist have been attended to and breaches have been rectified. The checklists for specific licence types can be downloaded from
    the OLGR website at
  9. A copy of minutes of staff meetings and memos
  10. The latest OLGR quarterly Liquor and Gaming bulletin and monthly ENews. You may also wish to keep a folder of previous editions for your staff’s reference.
    To subscribe to the bulletin and ENews go to
  11. A list of staff training activities and subjects covered. Include attendance sheets for any internally conducted training
  12. A copy of your staff induction handbook, if applicable. Also include a document signed by staff indicating they have read the handbook contents
  13. A copy of memos issued by peak industry bodies informing of legislative change. Also include a document signed by staff indicating they have read and understood the articles in the memos
  14. A list of barred patrons from your venue, notably names, date of barring and self-exclusion agreement.
  15. A list of your affiliated gambling service provider and their approved self exclusion scheme
  16. A list of key contacts for your local liquor accord
  17. A signed document stating that staff have read and understand the contents of the Compliance folder

Link to OLGR’s Compliance Folder requirements

For more information regarding OLGR’s Compliance Folder requirements and its intent, please contact Allied Risk Solutions on or (02) 9635 0477.

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