As a business you like to have everything safe, robust and secure. You would also like to have some assurance that things will continue as they were.

Unfortunately change is an ever present danger and assurances don’t come easily in this type of environment.

You may even rely on remote access to your business systems over the Internet. As a consequence of this flexibility in this current environment of distributed electronic connectivity, we have the proliferation of viruses, hackers and fraud. They attempt to steal identities, passwords, names and addresses, whatever is left unprotected.

Businesses today need to be aware of the risks and cater for them as best they are able.

This is a brief guide intended to help inform you about the risks to your business notably those unseen dangers that do exist, and how to be best prepared for them.

You can protect your business with physical constraints, intended to safeguard your systems, people and data. Guards, door locks, access control systems and security alarms – all of these can assist in providing a visible presence securing your assets and staff.

But they are no protection for the dangers that lurk on the Internet by criminal gangs seeking financial gain.

Don’t be unprepared!

In regards to safety and security, what worked well 20 years ago to protect computer systems and business networks when they made use of large centralised hardware, is very different today.

Computer hardware is smaller, decentralised and much more powerful than its distant relatives. Business networks are more widespread and more complex than ever. The physical security that restricted access and stopped undesirables from entry and access
still needs to be applied today.

Today there are a lot more worrying concerns about Information Technology security than direct physical attacks on hardware.

Yet we have come to rely on our notebooks, tablets, and smartphones to give us greater flexibility in running, overseeing and managing our business even with the risks that they represent.

IT Systems & Data Security

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